I'll study each day - 我想学各识一起的

I want to learn programming languages. I want to learn natural languages. I want to learn any kind of languages.
My native language is Japanese. But I have tried to study English, Chinese, and Spanish.
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Easy Learning Spanish Grammar - 2014-09-28 17:38:30

I bought and read a text book.

Collins Easy Learning Spanish Grammar

I already bought a Oxford Essential Spanish Dictionary for studying Spanish, but it is unsuitable for learning Spanish grammar. Of course, it is a not bad portable dictionary, only I haven't enough skill to use the dictionary appropriately. Thus I needed a good grammar book to complement the dictionary.

When I bought the dictionary, I also bought a Collins Easy Learning Mandarin Chinese Dictionary. In contrast to the simple Spanish dictionary, the Chinese dictionary has many sample sentences and appendices. It is exactly "Easy Learning", better for beginners.

I went to a bookstore, looked for a Spanish grammar book, then I found "Collins Easy Learning Spanish Grammar". Because I already knew a strong point of Collins Easy Learning series, I decided to buy the book without long thinking.

I finished to read the whole of the book for two weeks. I think the book is excellent, recommend to everyone who wants to study Spanish. The book is easier, deeper and more friendly than any grammar explanatory contents I've read.

The book consists of over 200 pages of grammar explanations and a list of basic verbs. An explanation is very(sometimes excessive) kindness. Many sample sentences and tips will aid your study. Difficult things such as verb tense and accent rules are explained carefully. The only dissatisfaction: Why I didn't read this book when I begin to study Spanish?

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El fin del mensajero - 2014-08-31 22:34:33

MSN Messenger to end after 15 years

> Microsoft's Windows Live Messenger will be switched off in China in October, marking a final end to the 15-year-old service.

"MSN Messenger" apareció en 1999, pero yo no utilizo el software antes de década de 2000. Porque en década de 1990 de Japón, la Internet es muy costoso. Algunas personas utilizaron ICQ, obstante muchas personas utilizaron el correo, BBS o unos servicios no tiempo real.

En principios de década de 2000, la banda ancha ha propagado en Japón. Por tanto, mensajero instantáneo había convertido muy útil, empecé utilizar el software pesadamente. Es más útil que el chat de texto en un navegador.

En finales de década de 2000, muchos mis amigos salieron el servicio. Porque MI es inútil sin los amigos, también salí el servicio. Partir de entonces, terminó en casi todo el mundo.

Hoy en día, utilizo Skype por el vídeo chat, Tencent QQ por estudiar Chino. Obstante, no utilizo los softwares frecuentemente que MSN/Windows Live Messenger.

No pensé MSN Messenger es bueno cuando utilizo el servicio, pero yo había utilizado el servicio muchas veces y mucho tiempo. Adiós, el bueno servicio.

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英汉和英西词典 - 2014-06-20 21:08:45


柯林斯学习汉语词典(Collins Easy Learning Mandarin Chinese Dictionary)

牛津中心词汇西班牙语词典(Oxford Essential Spanish Dictionary)



以后,我找到了两本的词典,"Collins Easy Learning Mandarin Chinese Dictionary"(柯林斯学习汉语词典)和"Oxford Beginner's Chinese Dictionary"(牛津初学者汉语词典)。我比较两个词典的内容和布局,选择了柯林斯。





發(go/start/find out) + 髮(hair) = 发(出发/出發:departure, 黑发/黑髮:black hair)
後(back) + 后(king's wife) = 后(后方/後方:backward, 皇后: the emperor's wife)。





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Books lived far away - 2014-05-12 03:26:59

A proper dictionary is helpful for study a language. Many dictionaries are monolingual or bilingual but some dictionaries contain three or more languages. I have seen a cool Japanese-Chinese-English dictionary.

I think a dictionary that contain more than three languages is more suitable for study languages if a learner really wants to study those languages. It also means I think the dictionary isn't useful if a learner doesn't seriously want to study those languages.

Because I study Chinese, Spanish and English, I want a Chinese-Spanish-English dictionary. Although I searched for it in the Internet, only I found "Spanish-English-Chinese Dictionary Of Petroleum". It seems a very useful dictionary... when I build my oil empire.

(Do you want to build your oil empire and lead the world to open the Last World War? Oiligarchy is a cynical game.)

I can't find a three languages dictionary, thus I must buy some bilingual dictionaries. But which pairs of languages are better? Japanese-Chinese(or Spanish), English-Chinese or Spanish-Chinese? I don't know... But bilingual dictionaries without Japanese are quite hard to find in Japan. Of course, I can order it on the Internet, whether I accept shipping cost that can be higher than its price...

This problem is not only the dictionaries, foreign language books except English also aren't easy to find in Japanese bookstores. I looked for "The Art of War" or other useful Chinese/Spanish books in some large bookstores where I bought Oxford Bookworms/Dominoes series and English novels, although I only found very few and less attractive books.

In addition, I have an interest in German language because I like to sing "Panzerlied" and "Auferstanden aus Ruinen". Now I have to spend much effort to study English, Chinese and Spanish, but I wish to study German someday. However German is less popular language than Chinese or Spanish, It means it is more difficult to look for good German books.

If I can't get good foreign language books, I have to study languages in the Internet. Fortunately, after I start to watch "Xiong chumo" animation, my Chinese vocabulary has significantly improved. But I still not meet a good Spanish content. I think I should see more Spanish contents.

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