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I want to learn programming languages. I want to learn natural languages. I want to learn any kind of languages.
My native language is Japanese. But I have tried to study English, Chinese, and Spanish.
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Racist Illustration against Refugees - 2015-10-11 21:23:52

A racist illustration against Syrian refugees released by a Japanese racist illustrator what is criticized around the world.

Is this manga cartoon of a six-year-old Syrian girl racist? - BBC News

Japan is a heaven of racist. Racist groups sometimes appear in major cities of Japan and they shout "Kill Koreans! Cockroach! Go home!". Many protesters try to stop their hate speech, but police protect them from the protesters.

The Japanese biggest political party LDP and the Cabinet are racist. LDP doesn't want to forbid hate speech because racists are one of main supporters and power sources of LDP.

Toshiko Hasumi, the artist drew the illustration, who is a manager of "The Group to Support Prime Minister Abe".


I can't accept Facebook as well as the illustration, racists, LDP and PM Abe because Facebook refused to remove the illustration and took meaningless actions.

In the end of September, some Japanese people found the illustration was sharing in Facebook.

Of course, the Community Standards of Facebook forbids hate speech, thus some Japanese people, including me, reported about the illustration to Facebook. But Facebook refused to remove the illustration. Facebook claimed "We judged the photograph you reported, it's not violated the Community Standards".

The people disappointed Facebook, and a petition "Facebook must recognize an illustration insulting Syrian refugees as racism" has been started by "Don't Allow Racism Group". The petition collected more than 10,000 signatures within few days.

Oct 02, 23:06 JST, I received a mail from Facebook. It said "The decision about your report was changed", "Because the account posted the content was removed, We can't judge the content it violates the Community Standards or not". I can't recognize this meaning clearly, but it seemed the illustration was removed.

But Oct 03, 2:38 JST, about 3.5 hours later from the previous mail, I received a mail again. It said "Because the account posted the content was restored, It might be possible to view the content again". The illustration was completely restored! I can't understand what Facebook was thinking.

Because The Japan Times wrote an article about the petition and Japanese anti-racism people wrote articles/tweets in English, BBC and other media around the world they delivered articles in English and other languages.

The illustration was draw from a real photograph of a six years old refugee girl. Jonathan Hyams, the photographer took the photograph, who knew the problem and tweeted "Shocked+deeply saddened anyone would choose to use an image of an innocent child to express such perverse prejudice".

Finally, Hasumi removed the illustration. The reason is a claim of the photographer. However, she doesn't feel any remorse for her racism and insulting against refugees. She still continues to release new discriminatory illustrations.

I know racists like Zaitokukai, Hasumi, LDP and Abe they can't feel any remorse for victims of discrimination. The only way to fight against racists in this situation is locked them out. If SNS companies deny their contents, they lose important ways to distribute their racism.

But Facebook claims the illustration doesn't violate the Community Standards. It means this kind of contents is allowed on Facebook. In other words, it means Facebook declared it is being an important tool to distribute racism.

I strongly protest against Facebook.

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Emergency Special: Do you know the hate business? - 2015-06-30 21:54:46

Fuji TV subtitling error has South Koreans say they 'hate' Japan(The Independent)

In today's Japan, hate-Korea/China contents have grown into big business. Many Japanese blogs have propagated anti-Korea/China false rumors for money, many publishers have published "hate" books, some TV and radio stations have made "hate" programs.

On June 5, 2015, one of major Japanese TV stations Fuji TV broadcast "Friday Premium - Akira Ikegami's Emergency Special! Seemingly we know but don't know well mystery of Korea".

This photograph is an advertisement for the program on a newspaper:

Source of this image: nocchi99's tweet
Blurb: Do you know the true reason why Korea became "anti-Japan"?

Akira Ikegami is a very famous commentator in Japan. In addition, many Japanese people believe he is a trustful and politically-neutral person. However, that's obvious, the program is a type of hate Korea business. Unfortunately, the program was able to have very strong influence to many people.

Of course, the program induced some controversies. But surprisingly, a more horrific problem was revealed. Some audiences who have knowledge of Korean language they found out fake subtitles were used onto comments of Korean interviewees.

One of those scenes:

Source of this image: change.org - to Fuji TV: Please don't make more falsehood!
Subtitle: I hate Japan because it hurt Korea.
But she said: (Subject is unknown) has many cultures thus many foreign tourists have visited to (unknown).
*It can't identify from the program that she said about Japan or Korea or others. Fuji TV claims she said about Korea.

On 29 June, Fuji TV admitted the subtitles are untrue and posted a message of apology on its website. The TV station claims the problem is "mistake".

I can't forgive Fuji TV and Mr.Ikegami. The program is one of shameful hate-Korea business even if they didn't use false subtitles. Furthermore, Mr.Ikegami is famous and "trustful" commentator, his action is things like put a "the quality is guaranteed by Ikegami" label to the falsehood program.

Mr.Ikegami, was believed "neutral" commentator by many people, who had criticized some thing like Asahi newspaper about a controversial comfort women problem, now he fueled hatred/racism and aided to broadcast the falsehood to whole of Japan. I think he has to shoulder the very heavy and huge responsibility. And Fuji TV, Of course, It must have sense of shame.

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Yes, we fight against racism - 2014-12-12 23:02:39

Top court finalizes ruling against anti-Korean group’s hate speech

Supreme Court upholds compensation ruling against 'hate speech' group

On December 9, 2014, The Supreme Court of Japan finalized a High Court's ruling. Zaitokukai and some of its members have to pay about 12 million yen to a Korean school.(I wrote an article when the High Court decided to uphold a lower court's ruling. Please see the article if you want to know details of this ruling.)

Zaitokukai is a famous racism group in Japan. Its members often do demonstrations against Korean and Chinese in major cities of Japan, they insist "Let's kill Koreans", "Cockroach, maggot", "Koreans, hang yourself, drink poison, jumping off", "Process Koreans at a public health center", "You may rape Korean women", etc.

The racists insisted their speeches must be protected by the speech of the freedom. Stupid joke! The speech of the freedom is not a toy of the racists. Of course, I strong support the ruling of the Supreme Courts. It is a very small step, but I wish the step become a great step against racism.

However, the problem isn't easy. LDP, the biggest political party in Japan that will win an election on December 14, 2014. But some members of the Cabinet have strong relationship with Zaitokukai, neo-Nazi or other racism groups.

One significant example, Eriko Yamatani, the chairperson of National Public Safety Commission, who has strong relationship with Zaitokukai. Of course, Zaitokukai is an enemy of the Commission.

In addition, LDP has managed J-NSC(Jimin Net Supporters' Club). It is a famous open secret, J-NSC is club of racists. LDP uses racists to expand its support, to attack rival parties, to insult people who are opposed to its policies and other various actions in the Internet.

Certainly, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is not only a revisionist, he is also a racist. His facebook is being a nest of racists, I can't suppress to feel sick when I read it.

In the last month, his account shared a link to very famous hate-speech site "Hoshu sokuho" on his facebook. "Hoshu sokuho" means "Conservative Breaking News", but contrary to this name, the site is not a news site as we think.

This site collects many insults, unjust accusations and false rumors against Korean, Chinese and minorities from an anonymous bulletin board, edits it to make sensational stories and designs it to fuel discrimination. To fuel discrimination brings more visitors, more visitors bring more money to the site owner.

Already I knew Abe is a racist, but this problem gave me a strong shock. Because it means he doesn't need to hide his racism from Japanese people in an election period.

Why? Because the Japanese society is very tolerant towards racism. Moreover, not few people are enjoying racism.

The Internet, the main battlefield of J-NSC, that is an obvious example. Japanese Twitter is the door to hell, it seems like a collection room of hate-speeches. Lots of insults and false rumors spread false images to many people.

I love books, and I love bookstores. But today, some bookstores have also become a sinister space. Many giant publishers have published tons of hate-speech books, many bookstores recommend and make a speciality area for this kind of books. Publisher and bookstore staff said the books are sold well and constantly.

For example, some bookstores recommend and try to sell very actively these kind of books:

"Dai kenkan jidai"(Big age of hate Korea) - Written by Makoto Takada, the former president of Zaitokukai. Shosen Grande bookstore recommended this book on Twitter.
"Chukan ron"(Punish Korea Theory) - A label of this book: "This is already a kill Korea theory!"
"Iki wo suruyou ni uso wo tsuku kankoku"(Korea tells lies as take a breath)
"Kankoku wa dorehodo nippon ga kirai ka"(How much Korea hates Japan)
"Gukan shinron"(Foolish Korea new theory)
"2014 nen, chugoku wa houkai suru"(In 2014, China will be collapse) - Hurry up! Today is the middle of December, 2014. Remaining time is only less than 3 weeks!

The Internet and publishing media are already invaded by racism. Why can we believe decency of broadcasting media? In fact, some TV and radio programs use indelicate racists. In addition, Abe sent revisionists and yes-men like Hyakuta and Momii to the NHK(Japanese public broadcaster like BBC) committee.

After the Meiji restoration was succeeded, the empire of Japan became a great power country. Then after the World War 2, Japan became the economic leader of Asia till other countries appeared as a rival. I think this long period had created and fed the idea of racial discrimination in Japan.

I must fight against racism. But it means not only to fight against racists like Zaitokukai or some politicians, it is challenging the common sense of Japan.

It is very hard and hopeless fight. However, I can't join, and I can't ignore racists who stab minorities with knives of discrimination, absolutely.

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Ruling against to insult Korean school - 2014-07-09 23:59:04

High court upholds ruling against racist insults at Korean students

Japanese high court upholds ruling against anti-Korean activists’ hate speech

On October 7, 2013, a district court of Kyoto certified Zaitokukai's three times activities against a Korean school that are racism. The court ordered defendants to pay about 12 million yen to the Korean school.

On July 8, 2014, a high court of Osaka upheld the lower court's ruling.

I have the zero-tolerant policy against racism. I don't allow any Zaitokukai's activities/opinions of racism and strongly support the ruling.

Zaitokukai has insisted the activities are protected by the provision of the freedom of speech on the Constitution, further the actions did for public benefit. However,

"Process Koreans at a public health center, a dog is smarter than a Korean."
"Sickness gods of Japan, moths, maggots, cockroaches return to the Korean peninsula."
"Kick out Korean schools from Japan."
"Put garbage into a garbage can, Koreans return to the Korean peninsula."
"If drop feces, Koreans feed on it, hence please don't drop feces."
"A promise is made by a human and a human, it cannot be made by a human and a Korean."

Do you agree these speeches contribute public benefit and the speeches must be protected by the Constitution? I consider absolutely no, these are only racism. The provision of the freedom of speech is the fortune of Japan, but it isn't a toy of racists.

This ruling is new hope to fight against racism, but it's also only a small step. In today's Japan, racism is a very serious problem. Some people said "Zaitokukai's manners are unacceptable, but its opinions are right", some people oppose Zaitokukai but they have same opinions as Zaitokukai's.

I sometimes tried to negotiate with racists in the Internet. But they shouted to me "You are a Korean in Japan", "You are anti-Japan left-wing", "You must leave from Japan", "Go home, Korean". It's difficult to make a conversation.

Japan is in a difficult situation. Long term recession, hopeless future, looked down countries like S.Korea, China and other S.E. Asia countries are becoming stronger and stronger. These factors created and fed the monster. It is obviously outburst of anger, but the monster has become quite big, very hard to stop it.

When I went a bookstore, I felt shock and disgust. Because many books insult Korea and China that are recommended in an area of economic books. Of course, even if insult Korea and China, the situation of Japan isn't changing for better. I think it's completely meaningless, but it's a popular content in Japan.

(Of course, I didn't buy any books in this bookstore. Because I love books, I don't want to buy any books in a bookstore that doesn't love books.)

I think if they don't want to be defeated by Korea and China, they should buy skill books instead of meaningless rude books then study heavily. But they chose rude books and enjoyed to insult Korea and China. I don't understand what they think.

When fight against outrageous racism, cooperation with politicians is needed. But it's very difficult. Not few politicians are a racist, said discriminatory words naturally, have relation with racist groups. I have felt strong angry but the society of Japan is very tolerant towards racism.

Not only that, the biggest political party in Japan established and has managed a supporters' club to act in the Internet. It's a famous open secret, this organization is virtually a club of racists, the party uses racists for its benefit. Of course, not every members are a racist, but an excuse like this is pointless.

I don't know some of the members shouted words of racism in cities or not, but the members shouted words of racism same as Zaitokukai's in the Internet. They have disseminated lots of false rumors and insults about Korean, Chinese, rivals of the party or weak people.(like people in poverty, the disabled, minorities and victims of the 2011 earthquake/radiation accident)

Until to change the political situation, we haven't any hope to politics. For change this situation, each Japanese people have to face racism problems and fight against racism. It's the very very long way, I can't see the goal. But there is no other ways.

On July 7, the day pray at stars in some Asia countries. In Japan, people write their wish to small colorful papers then put the papers to a bamboo. I wish that racism is rid from Japan and the World.

See also:
The ruling of the district court of Kyoto on Oct. 7, 2013(PDF) by the courts of Japan(Japanese)
The record of hearing of the high court's ruling by arama000(Japanese)

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