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I want to learn programming languages. I want to learn natural languages. I want to learn any kind of languages.
My native language is Japanese. But I have tried to study English, Chinese, and Spanish.
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"Don't Escape" Escape Game - 2015-02-09 21:34:06

scriptwelder released Don't Escape 2, a twisted escape game.

scriptwelder has made some "escape"(or "point and click") game series, all of them are very unique and good quality.

"Deep Sleep" is probably the most popular series in scriptwelder's games, it is relatively orthodox and horror taste escape game series. You should turn off the light, then play it.

But personally I like A small talk at the back of beyond. You make a conversation with AI, discover the secret and make a decision. This game is short and AI isn't too smart.(It can't understand "May I ask your name?". Instead, I have to say "What's your name?".) However, it's very interesting.

"Can you turn on the light?"
"Why do you want me to turn on the light?"
"Of course, mankind fears the dark."
"I am sorry, I do not fully understand what you have just said."
You are just a computer, you don't feel fear when play a horror game.

Don't Escape games can be categorized into escape games, but it's "don't escape". You have to find tools, use them wisely, and you have to shut yourself up for some reason.

In the first one, you are a warewolf. Today, the full moon will appear on the night, you'll turn into a monster. You have to seal yourself tightly, or else, you'll kill or hurt people, or you are killed by people.

The second one is in a zombie-pandemic situation. You have only 8 hours, travel to find useful tools, make barricades and traps, try to survive one night.

I found the generator! If I get some fuel, I can drink hot coffee! Er, we haven't any stove? No problem, we can burn the fuel to make hot coffee.

The objective is to survive one night, any method. You don't have to make every kinds of traps, recruit every survivors or discover every tools. Instead, you have to make some decisions. For example, if you get some fuel, which you use it for the car or the generator? There is no answer, there is many ways to survive the night.

You've met a undead. If you attack the undead with your shovel, you may lose the useful shovel. You can shot the undead, but a gun sound may attract more undeads. You can leave the undead if you don't need an important item...

You can become a good person or cold-blooded demon, friendly person or lone wolf. It's a cool trade-off escape game.

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