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Racist Illustration against Refugees - 2015-10-11 21:23:52

A racist illustration against Syrian refugees released by a Japanese racist illustrator what is criticized around the world.

Is this manga cartoon of a six-year-old Syrian girl racist? - BBC News

Japan is a heaven of racist. Racist groups sometimes appear in major cities of Japan and they shout "Kill Koreans! Cockroach! Go home!". Many protesters try to stop their hate speech, but police protect them from the protesters.

The Japanese biggest political party LDP and the Cabinet are racist. LDP doesn't want to forbid hate speech because racists are one of main supporters and power sources of LDP.

Toshiko Hasumi, the artist drew the illustration, who is a manager of "The Group to Support Prime Minister Abe".


I can't accept Facebook as well as the illustration, racists, LDP and PM Abe because Facebook refused to remove the illustration and took meaningless actions.

In the end of September, some Japanese people found the illustration was sharing in Facebook.

Of course, the Community Standards of Facebook forbids hate speech, thus some Japanese people, including me, reported about the illustration to Facebook. But Facebook refused to remove the illustration. Facebook claimed "We judged the photograph you reported, it's not violated the Community Standards".

The people disappointed Facebook, and a petition "Facebook must recognize an illustration insulting Syrian refugees as racism" has been started by "Don't Allow Racism Group". The petition collected more than 10,000 signatures within few days.

Oct 02, 23:06 JST, I received a mail from Facebook. It said "The decision about your report was changed", "Because the account posted the content was removed, We can't judge the content it violates the Community Standards or not". I can't recognize this meaning clearly, but it seemed the illustration was removed.

But Oct 03, 2:38 JST, about 3.5 hours later from the previous mail, I received a mail again. It said "Because the account posted the content was restored, It might be possible to view the content again". The illustration was completely restored! I can't understand what Facebook was thinking.

Because The Japan Times wrote an article about the petition and Japanese anti-racism people wrote articles/tweets in English, BBC and other media around the world they delivered articles in English and other languages.

The illustration was draw from a real photograph of a six years old refugee girl. Jonathan Hyams, the photographer took the photograph, who knew the problem and tweeted "Shocked+deeply saddened anyone would choose to use an image of an innocent child to express such perverse prejudice".

Finally, Hasumi removed the illustration. The reason is a claim of the photographer. However, she doesn't feel any remorse for her racism and insulting against refugees. She still continues to release new discriminatory illustrations.

I know racists like Zaitokukai, Hasumi, LDP and Abe they can't feel any remorse for victims of discrimination. The only way to fight against racists in this situation is locked them out. If SNS companies deny their contents, they lose important ways to distribute their racism.

But Facebook claims the illustration doesn't violate the Community Standards. It means this kind of contents is allowed on Facebook. In other words, it means Facebook declared it is being an important tool to distribute racism.

I strongly protest against Facebook.

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