I'll study each day - 我想学各识一起的

I want to learn programming languages. I want to learn natural languages. I want to learn any kind of languages.
My native language is Japanese. But I have tried to study English, Chinese, and Spanish.
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咖啡和咖啡树的咖啡因 - 2014-09-07 20:47:44



How Caffeine Evolved to Help Plants Survive and Help People Wake Up







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El fin del mensajero - 2014-08-31 22:34:33

MSN Messenger to end after 15 years

> Microsoft's Windows Live Messenger will be switched off in China in October, marking a final end to the 15-year-old service.

"MSN Messenger" apareció en 1999, pero yo no utilizo el software antes de década de 2000. Porque en década de 1990 de Japón, la Internet es muy costoso. Algunas personas utilizaron ICQ, obstante muchas personas utilizaron el correo, BBS o unos servicios no tiempo real.

En principios de década de 2000, la banda ancha ha propagado en Japón. Por tanto, mensajero instantáneo había convertido muy útil, empecé utilizar el software pesadamente. Es más útil que el chat de texto en un navegador.

En finales de década de 2000, muchos mis amigos salieron el servicio. Porque MI es inútil sin los amigos, también salí el servicio. Partir de entonces, terminó en casi todo el mundo.

Hoy en día, utilizo Skype por el vídeo chat, Tencent QQ por estudiar Chino. Obstante, no utilizo los softwares frecuentemente que MSN/Windows Live Messenger.

No pensé MSN Messenger es bueno cuando utilizo el servicio, pero yo había utilizado el servicio muchas veces y mucho tiempo. Adiós, el bueno servicio.

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Caravaneer 2 - 2014-08-19 05:18:53

I've played Caravaneer 2 open beta, this series is good for study English.

Caravaneer 2

The first Caravaneer is a unique trading RPG. Buy some goods, move to another city, sell the goods for make a profit. But the post-apocalyptic world is very dangerous. On the deadly desert field, you can't keep your life without water and foods. Because the lifeless desert hasn't any marks, you can easy to lose your way. Many robbers equipped with strong weapons that hunt caravans mercilessly.

Every cities have few industries. A city consumes forage and produces skin, another city consumes skin and produces shoes, richer cities will pay more money for shoes, clothes or accessories. Recognize these cycles is important to make a profit.

Because the modern civilization has been destroyed, livestock is important workforce for transport goods. However the world isn't the Middle Ages, there is modern weapons like M16, M67 Grenade or M1 Garand. These factors make a unique world.

One of the mysteries of the first Caravaneer: Why M1 Garand has only 5 ammo capacity? Real M1 Garand uses 8 rounds en-bloc clips. This "problem" is "fixed" in the second one.

The first Caravaneer is interesting but severe and hardcore. When you negotiate with a man who has a valuable information, if you choose an inappropriate answer, the man closes his lips forever. In some missions, if you spend too much time, an important friend will be arrested. If you show an important item in a wrong situation, the item can be confiscated. These mean stalemate.

Caravaneer 2 is more epic than the first one. The world is quite huge, too many storyline and optional quests are available.

In addition, not only many kinds of goods and industries has appeared, you can purchase or establish an industry. Of course, an industry is very expensive, difficult to manage. Almost all industries need some kinds of goods, thus if the city doesn't produce required goods, the industry can come to a halt. If the industry produces larger amount of products than needs of citizens, the products flow into the market, therefore the price of the product can be collapsed.

These problems may be solved to use warehouses appropriately. You can stockpile some materials for prevent a halt of the industry or cut purchasing cost. You can also withdraw the products from the warehouse, then shipped it to another city, sell it on a better price. But if you open many industries in many cities or have a long journey to another region, hard to manage it.

Sometimes the game poses a moral dilemma. You defeated a robber group and caught some members, but one of the members has been injured heavily in the combat, He/she can't walk fast. Because you haven't enough supply, you have to leave the injured people on the deadly desert. Which you leave him/her without any supply or give valuable supply? Or don't you want to leave him/her even if you and your men fall on the desert with him/her?

A robber is a bad person, of course. Don't you want to take care of him/her? Well then, one slave who was possessed by the robbers has received serious injury in the combat because you shoot at the enemy but a bullet hit the slave unluckily. What do you do for this pitiful slave?

Finally you have reached the nearest city with some prisoners of war, what do you want to do the next? Release annoying prisoners? Enslave and sell them for money? Spend some money and use valuable cargo space for their supply, bring them to the city where has a police office and receive very few rewards?

An immoral action is not only questionable about humanity, but it make a bad reputation. You can choose either aim to become a saint or hand your soul to the devil for earn a better profit.

I met a Boryokudan mafia, the members equipped with Katanas. They charged towerds our men, but we ambushed them with MG42 and assault rifles, almost all enemies died ridiculously. They are Japanese? But it's falsely similar of the Japanese soul. In real Japan, some rich old people sit on a luxury chair, order young people to do suicidal action. Young people must obey it or else he and his family will be killed socially.

The game has also picked up one of the most difficult dilemmas of the modern civilization - nuclear power. In the first place, the situation of the world of Caravaneer and the first message of Caravaneer 2 include some cynicism against the modern civilization.

Compared with the first one, Caravaneer 2 is less likely to become stalemate. In some cases, some approaches are available to resolve a problem. But a quest can be failed, thus ask a question is important if you don't want to fail a quest.

The game is still beta version, it has the annoying problem. Crash can occur when load the combat screen. It seems the combat requires lots of memory and resources cause of process graphics. However, I only want good story, strategic trading and tactical combat in this game, I don't need better graphics if the graphics spoil stability, devour many resources of a computer and reduce usability... It is the worst point of the game.

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视频游戏的效用 - 2014-08-10 09:46:25

Playing video games for up to an hour a day 'is good for children' - Telegraph
BBC News - A little video gaming 'linked to well-adjusted children'











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La contra de la contra del enemigo del enemigo - 2014-08-05 21:52:45


Los humanos hacen luchando contra muchos tipos de microbios. Hoy en día, el virus del Ébola devasta unos países de África, el parásito de la malaria está un problema serio.

Por otra parte, porque se encontraron unos antibióticos, la tuberculosis u otras unas enfermedades bacterianas han estado tratables.

Pero quizá la venganza de las bacterias traerán el miedo para los humanos.

¿Si los humanos perdían los antibióticos? Este artículo espectáculo posibilidad. Una pequeña herida puede ser letal, una cirugía convertirse en muy peligrosa.

El artículo adverte las condicións del abuso en Chino(y algunos otros países), pero el problema también existe en Japón. Cuando yo era la infancia, tengo un resfriado suave, los doctores casi siempre me dio antibióticos.

En otro caso, en medio de la década de 2000, Japonés consumieron gran cantidad extrema de "Tamiflu", cura para la gripe. La gripe es enfermedad viral, pero es uno de los mismos problemas.

Los enemigos fuertes están superando las armas de los humanos y buscan una oportunidad. No obstante, los humanos no detienen unas riñas tontas. ¿Los humanos realmente quieren luchar contra los enemigos temerosos?

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