I'll study each day - 我想学各识一起的

I want to learn programming languages. I want to learn natural languages. I want to learn any kind of languages.
My native language is Japanese. But I have tried to study English, Chinese, and Spanish.
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我知道血型,我又不知道血型 - 2014-07-21 08:30:33




Why do we have blood types?






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Ruling against to insult Korean school - 2014-07-09 23:59:04

High court upholds ruling against racist insults at Korean students

Japanese high court upholds ruling against anti-Korean activists’ hate speech

On October 7, 2013, a district court of Kyoto certified Zaitokukai's three times activities against a Korean school that are racism. The court ordered defendants to pay about 12 million yen to the Korean school.

On July 8, 2014, a high court of Osaka upheld the lower court's ruling.

I have the zero-tolerant policy against racism. I don't allow any Zaitokukai's activities/opinions of racism and strongly support the ruling.

Zaitokukai has insisted the activities are protected by the provision of the freedom of speech on the Constitution, further the actions did for public benefit. However,

"Process Koreans at a public health center, a dog is smarter than a Korean."
"Sickness gods of Japan, moths, maggots, cockroaches return to the Korean peninsula."
"Kick out Korean schools from Japan."
"Put garbage into a garbage can, Koreans return to the Korean peninsula."
"If drop feces, Koreans feed on it, hence please don't drop feces."
"A promise is made by a human and a human, it cannot be made by a human and a Korean."

Do you agree these speeches contribute public benefit and the speeches must be protected by the Constitution? I consider absolutely no, these are only racism. The provision of the freedom of speech is the fortune of Japan, but it isn't a toy of racists.

This ruling is new hope to fight against racism, but it's also only a small step. In today's Japan, racism is a very serious problem. Some people said "Zaitokukai's manners are unacceptable, but its opinions are right", some people oppose Zaitokukai but they have same opinions as Zaitokukai's.

I sometimes tried to negotiate with racists in the Internet. But they shouted to me "You are a Korean in Japan", "You are anti-Japan left-wing", "You must leave from Japan", "Go home, Korean". It's difficult to make a conversation.

Japan is in a difficult situation. Long term recession, hopeless future, looked down countries like S.Korea, China and other S.E. Asia countries are becoming stronger and stronger. These factors created and fed the monster. It is obviously outburst of anger, but the monster has become quite big, very hard to stop it.

When I went a bookstore, I felt shock and disgust. Because many books insult Korea and China that are recommended in an area of economic books. Of course, even if insult Korea and China, the situation of Japan isn't changing for better. I think it's completely meaningless, but it's a popular content in Japan.

(Of course, I didn't buy any books in this bookstore. Because I love books, I don't want to buy any books in a bookstore that doesn't love books.)

I think if they don't want to be defeated by Korea and China, they should buy skill books instead of meaningless rude books then study heavily. But they chose rude books and enjoyed to insult Korea and China. I don't understand what they think.

When fight against outrageous racism, cooperation with politicians is needed. But it's very difficult. Not few politicians are a racist, said discriminatory words naturally, have relation with racist groups. I have felt strong angry but the society of Japan is very tolerant towards racism.

Not only that, the biggest political party in Japan established and has managed a supporters' club to act in the Internet. It's a famous open secret, this organization is virtually a club of racists, the party uses racists for its benefit. Of course, not every members are a racist, but an excuse like this is pointless.

I don't know some of the members shouted words of racism in cities or not, but the members shouted words of racism same as Zaitokukai's in the Internet. They have disseminated lots of false rumors and insults about Korean, Chinese, rivals of the party or weak people.(like people in poverty, the disabled, minorities and victims of the 2011 earthquake/radiation accident)

Until to change the political situation, we haven't any hope to politics. For change this situation, each Japanese people have to face racism problems and fight against racism. It's the very very long way, I can't see the goal. But there is no other ways.

On July 7, the day pray at stars in some Asia countries. In Japan, people write their wish to small colorful papers then put the papers to a bamboo. I wish that racism is rid from Japan and the World.

See also:
The ruling of the district court of Kyoto on Oct. 7, 2013(PDF) by the courts of Japan(Japanese)
The record of hearing of the high court's ruling by arama000(Japanese)

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La televisión come... - 2014-06-29 22:45:25

La televisión es el gran devorador de tiempo de la vida. No tengo la televisión porque no le interesa, puedo conseguo las noticias sin ella y algunas veces las medios asaltan una persona.

Creo que ella es innecesario, leo unos sitios extranjeros en el internet o unos libros en vez de veo televisiòn. Sino la televisión es importante para la vida de unas personas muchas.

Pero la televisión es no sólo el devorador de tiempo de la vida, ¿si ella sería también el devorador de la duración de la vida?

Watching too much TV could double your risk of early death: study

> The risk of death was doubled for people who reported they watched TV for three or more hours a day, compared to those who watched one or fewer hours. This was even after accounting for many other variables linked to a higher risk of death.

> There was no significant link to early death found in people being on the computer or driving. The researchers said further studies need to be conducted on these inactive behaviors.

La investigación dice no es bueno para veo la televisión durante tres horas. Pero ¿por que la televisión sería mala que la computadora o conducir? ¿Sólo la televisión sería mala o efectivamente la computadora sería también mala?

Si comportamientos sedentarios serían malos, cuándo yo estudie los idiomas, busco unos textos en el internet, abro unos diccionarios, leo unos libros, escribo unos artículos... El estudiar es el devorador de la energía mental, ¿él sería también el devorador de la energía vital?

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英汉和英西词典 - 2014-06-20 21:08:45


柯林斯学习汉语词典(Collins Easy Learning Mandarin Chinese Dictionary)

牛津中心词汇西班牙语词典(Oxford Essential Spanish Dictionary)



以后,我找到了两本的词典,"Collins Easy Learning Mandarin Chinese Dictionary"(柯林斯学习汉语词典)和"Oxford Beginner's Chinese Dictionary"(牛津初学者汉语词典)。我比较两个词典的内容和布局,选择了柯林斯。





發(go/start/find out) + 髮(hair) = 发(出发/出發:departure, 黑发/黑髮:black hair)
後(back) + 后(king's wife) = 后(后方/後方:backward, 皇后: the emperor's wife)。





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The Art of War - 2014-06-15 22:05:33

The Art of War(孙子兵法/Sūnzi bīngfǎ) was wrote about 2,500 years ago. But still today, the text is considered one of the most important text of war.

In Japan, not a few people said "The Art of War is useful for business" and many books try to use the text for business that have been published. However, I don't agree almost these opinions. Because almost all business books interpreted The Art of War very conveniently. Sometimes there is a large contrast between an opinion of a book and an opinion of another book. I'm hard to trust them.

Of course, The Art of War is a text of war, not a text of business. For example:

Terrains can categorize six types: Tong, Gua, Zhi, Ai, Xian, Yuan.

Tong: Both sides can access to this terrain. You should occupy a better spot and secure your supply line.
Gua: This terrain is easy to go through, but difficult to return. If the enemy hasn't prepared for you, you'll get the victory. But the enemy has prepared, difficult to defeat the enemy and hard to retreat.
Zhi: To move first brings a disadvantage. In this terrain, you shouldn't move first, instead try to attract the enemy.
Ai: A narrow pass. If you occupy this terrain, await the enemy. When the enemy has occupied the terrain, you shouldn't move into there if the enemy defends there, you may move into there if the enemy doesn't defend there.
Xian: A rugged terrain. You should occupy this terrain first and await the enemy in a better spot. If the enemy occupies the terrain, you shouldn't attack.
Yuan: The enemy exists far away. If there is little difference of strength between both sides, the attacker will face a disadvantage.

This is very interesting. But is this useful for business(without sloppy interpreting)? I think no.

"Be rise the torch" episode in Han Feizi(韩非子) was wrote by Han Fei(about 280–233 B.C.) that prophesied this situation:

A scholar in Chu was writing a letter to a minister of Yan. Because he needs more light to write the letter, he said to his servant "Be rise the torch". But he made a mistake, he wrote "Be rise the torch" in the letter. The minister received this letter, he thought "Rise the torch? I guess it means respect the bright, in other words should adopt wise men for governance." Yan adopted wise men and the plan was successful.

This episode means "people interpret things selfishly". Han Fei laughed at us from about 2,200 years ago.

But in fact, Despite I don't agree almost "The Art of War is useful for business" opinions, The Art of War is useful for business. Because many business books were flavored by The Art of War have been published and many people bought them. That's obvious, The Art of War is useful for business.

If you only have read The Art of War in business books, I recommend to read the original. The Art of War in a business book must be selfish interpretation, a text of war was forced to screw into a vessel of business by each authors. It is more interest to read the original and make you own interpretation.

In this site, we can read The Art of War. Modern Chinese annotations are available.


Contrary of an impression, The Art of War is easy to read. Clear sentences and unique metaphors help to understand difficult theory. Chinese of this site is quite difficult for me, but The Art of War is not too hard, hence I was able to recognize rough meaning of the text.

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