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I want to learn programming languages. I want to learn natural languages. I want to learn any kind of languages.
My native language is Japanese. But I have tried to study English, Chinese, and Spanish.
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The reason is you'll attack me if I give you the weapon - 2015-01-11 20:58:20

Why hasn't Japan banned child-porn comics?

I really love any kinds of books, comics are not an exception. But I seldom read comics, I haven't any comic now.

However, I strong oppose to ban "child-porn" or other taboo comics in Japan, without obvious evidence to prove the comics involve sexual crimes in the real world. If an expression is banned without evidence once, other expressions will be banned without evidence.

I support to ban trading in real child-porn, of course. Because there is a real victim, no exception. But I don't think we need to protect fictional victims. If we had to protect fictional victims, war film creators would be arrested for homicide or genocide? Nonsense.

When I read this article, I remembered a "Hadashi no Gen"(Bare feet Gen) problem. Hadashi no Gen is a comic that is drawn the Japanese society and situations around the World War 2. The comic tell the cruelties of the war to us, many schools in Japan collect the comic in a school library.

But some "the Internet right-wing" people and some right-wing politicians hate this "anti-war" comic, they demand to ban it from schools. Surprisingly, some boards of education decided to ban the comic.(Of course, the comic returned to the libraries after the Japanese society gets angry against the immoral action.)

They are very immoral, but not very foolish. They don't say "the comic must be banned, because I personally hate ideas of this comic", instead they use discrimination, violence and sexuality as its reasons. In Hadashi no Gen, the cruelties of the war is drawn, thus the comic inevitably includes some violence, sexuality and discrimination.

Hadashi no Gen is not a porn comic, but the problem said some people especially politicians who want to ban or control expression that use specious reasons. The "child-porn" comics are the easiest way to do it.

In today's Japan, racist groups shouted "let's kill Koreans", "process Koreans at a public health center", "you may rape Korean women" in major cities of the real world, it hurts real victims deeply, and some right-wing politicians have strong relations with the groups. The other hand, the politicians want to ban incidents and taboos in fictional worlds for some reason.

Why can I trust these politicians and give the strong weapon to them?

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宅男“黑”鲱鱼论 - 2014-12-21 05:40:32

外媒:日宅男沉迷游戏不结婚 拖累国家经济

> 很多日本年轻人不仅逃避婚姻,而且现在有非常明显的迹象表明,他们对异性的“性”趣也不大。

> 很多人已经探讨过一个被称为“草食系男子”的日本年轻人群体,与结交异性相比,他们似乎对漫画、电脑游戏以及网络社交更感兴趣。




> 日本有一项名为“外国研修生”的计划,从外国引入短期劳动力,但该计划引起了争议,一些外来劳动者声称自己受到了欺骗和虐待。







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Yes, we fight against racism - 2014-12-12 23:02:39

Top court finalizes ruling against anti-Korean group’s hate speech

Supreme Court upholds compensation ruling against 'hate speech' group

On December 9, 2014, The Supreme Court of Japan finalized a High Court's ruling. Zaitokukai and some of its members have to pay about 12 million yen to a Korean school.(I wrote an article when the High Court decided to uphold a lower court's ruling. Please see the article if you want to know details of this ruling.)

Zaitokukai is a famous racism group in Japan. Its members often do demonstrations against Korean and Chinese in major cities of Japan, they insist "Let's kill Koreans", "Cockroach, maggot", "Koreans, hang yourself, drink poison, jumping off", "Process Koreans at a public health center", "You may rape Korean women", etc.

The racists insisted their speeches must be protected by the speech of the freedom. Stupid joke! The speech of the freedom is not a toy of the racists. Of course, I strong support the ruling of the Supreme Courts. It is a very small step, but I wish the step become a great step against racism.

However, the problem isn't easy. LDP, the biggest political party in Japan that will win an election on December 14, 2014. But some members of the Cabinet have strong relationship with Zaitokukai, neo-Nazi or other racism groups.

One significant example, Eriko Yamatani, the chairperson of National Public Safety Commission, who has strong relationship with Zaitokukai. Of course, Zaitokukai is an enemy of the Commission.

In addition, LDP has managed J-NSC(Jimin Net Supporters' Club). It is a famous open secret, J-NSC is club of racists. LDP uses racists to expand its support, to attack rival parties, to insult people who are opposed to its policies and other various actions in the Internet.

Certainly, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is not only a revisionist, he is also a racist. His facebook is being a nest of racists, I can't suppress to feel sick when I read it.

In the last month, his account shared a link to very famous hate-speech site "Hoshu sokuho" on his facebook. "Hoshu sokuho" means "Conservative Breaking News", but contrary to this name, the site is not a news site as we think.

This site collects many insults, unjust accusations and false rumors against Korean, Chinese and minorities from an anonymous bulletin board, edits it to make sensational stories and designs it to fuel discrimination. To fuel discrimination brings more visitors, more visitors bring more money to the site owner.

Already I knew Abe is a racist, but this problem gave me a strong shock. Because it means he doesn't need to hide his racism from Japanese people in an election period.

Why? Because the Japanese society is very tolerant towards racism. Moreover, not few people are enjoying racism.

The Internet, the main battlefield of J-NSC, that is an obvious example. Japanese Twitter is the door to hell, it seems like a collection room of hate-speeches. Lots of insults and false rumors spread false images to many people.

I love books, and I love bookstores. But today, some bookstores have also become a sinister space. Many giant publishers have published tons of hate-speech books, many bookstores recommend and make a speciality area for this kind of books. Publisher and bookstore staff said the books are sold well and constantly.

For example, some bookstores recommend and try to sell very actively these kind of books:

"Dai kenkan jidai"(Big age of hate Korea) - Written by Makoto Takada, the former president of Zaitokukai. Shosen Grande bookstore recommended this book on Twitter.
"Chukan ron"(Punish Korea Theory) - A label of this book: "This is already a kill Korea theory!"
"Iki wo suruyou ni uso wo tsuku kankoku"(Korea tells lies as take a breath)
"Kankoku wa dorehodo nippon ga kirai ka"(How much Korea hates Japan)
"Gukan shinron"(Foolish Korea new theory)
"2014 nen, chugoku wa houkai suru"(In 2014, China will be collapse) - Hurry up! Today is the middle of December, 2014. Remaining time is only less than 3 weeks!

The Internet and publishing media are already invaded by racism. Why can we believe decency of broadcasting media? In fact, some TV and radio programs use indelicate racists. In addition, Abe sent revisionists and yes-men like Hyakuta and Momii to the NHK(Japanese public broadcaster like BBC) committee.

After the Meiji restoration was succeeded, the empire of Japan became a great power country. Then after the World War 2, Japan became the economic leader of Asia till other countries appeared as a rival. I think this long period had created and fed the idea of racial discrimination in Japan.

I must fight against racism. But it means not only to fight against racists like Zaitokukai or some politicians, it is challenging the common sense of Japan.

It is very hard and hopeless fight. However, I can't join, and I can't ignore racists who stab minorities with knives of discrimination, absolutely.

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在日本汉语卡拉OK的事情 - 2014-10-25 23:10:55






这两者的最近遥控器会利用中文的界面,更会由拼音找歌曲。输入各汉字拼音的头文字(例子:月亮代表我的心 = YLDBWDX),可以找歌曲或者歌手很容易的。一些旧机种也有中文的界面,但它只可以由笔画数找歌曲,当然很不方便。多数的卡拉OK店采用最近的机种,但是一些店还用旧机种。



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Easy Learning Spanish Grammar - 2014-09-28 17:38:30

I bought and read a text book.

Collins Easy Learning Spanish Grammar

I already bought a Oxford Essential Spanish Dictionary for studying Spanish, but it is unsuitable for learning Spanish grammar. Of course, it is a not bad portable dictionary, only I haven't enough skill to use the dictionary appropriately. Thus I needed a good grammar book to complement the dictionary.

When I bought the dictionary, I also bought a Collins Easy Learning Mandarin Chinese Dictionary. In contrast to the simple Spanish dictionary, the Chinese dictionary has many sample sentences and appendices. It is exactly "Easy Learning", better for beginners.

I went to a bookstore, looked for a Spanish grammar book, then I found "Collins Easy Learning Spanish Grammar". Because I already knew a strong point of Collins Easy Learning series, I decided to buy the book without long thinking.

I finished to read the whole of the book for two weeks. I think the book is excellent, recommend to everyone who wants to study Spanish. The book is easier, deeper and more friendly than any grammar explanatory contents I've read.

The book consists of over 200 pages of grammar explanations and a list of basic verbs. An explanation is very(sometimes excessive) kindness. Many sample sentences and tips will aid your study. Difficult things such as verb tense and accent rules are explained carefully. The only dissatisfaction: Why I didn't read this book when I begin to study Spanish?

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